Unfinished Business


The Company

Personal service in a Personnel world

How Unfinished Business
became a business.


The idea to start Unfinished Business LLC emerged following a casual conversation between Mark Richardson and a former State of Wisconsin colleague named John who was looking to make a career transition after a 25+ year run in state government. John wasn’t ready to retire and knew that he wanted to build on his experience and use his talents to help a different organization. He also recognized that to make a successful transition to the private or non-profit space his professional network would need to be much more robust.

Being aware of Mark’s 25 years of Rw.E. (Real world Experience) in the private, public and non-profit sectors and his successful professional moves between them, John figured he was talking to the right person.

Mark pledged to leverage his considerable professional network and know-how to assist John. On that day the idea for Unfinished Business became much more than an idea – it became the beginning of a mission.

Fact is, Richardson had already been fielding requests for Career Transition Strategy and had begun to assist friends and colleagues whenever he had the time. Mark quickly realized that he was aware of many opportunities that his friends and colleagues were not. Many times even when people were aware of quality career opportunities they didn’t have the professional networks or transition experience to capitalize on them. Simply put: they weren’t positioned to successfully compete for the jobs that they really wanted.

Richardson knew there had to be a way to help people find the breadth of professional opportunities that exist throughout the Madison Region, to help them understand how to leverage their unique experience and position themselves to shape their career paths.

In 2013, his desire to connect talent with opportunity – and vice versa – drove him to found Unfinished Business LLC.

The Who the What and the Why of Unfinished Business.

To assist our clients in career path planning we don’t just focus on someone’s profession or industry. We look at who they are, what they want to do and why they’re in transition. We call it the Who the What and the Why.


We help them discover – or rediscover – their unique personality and passions. We strive to answer questions like: Who inspires you? What are the things that give you energy? What are your career goals? What kind of fulfillment do you need to get from your work? What type of work environment best suits you? You get the idea.

When you decide to start looking for a new career opportunity, it helps to really know yourself.

Too often when considering a career change, we start with how we look on paper, but it’s really a lot more than that. No doubt it’s important to have a quality résumé that conveys your work experience, credentials and accomplishments. But your résumé is only one part of the picture.

At Unfinished Business we would say that the résumé falls into the “What” category. It answers questions like: What school did you go to? What did you study? What degree(s) do you hold? What credentials do you have? What companies have you worked for?

It tells an HR professional what you’ve done. But doesn’t say anything about who you are, why you are in transition. And most importantly, it doesn’t tell anybody what you COULD do. We can help you discover and act on opportunities that fit you best.

Understanding the who and the what are critical to successful career transition, but don’t underestimate the why. It has a considerable impact on short-term career transition and long-term career path strategy.

Why are you considering a career change?

Did you just get married? … or divorced? Are you starting to have kids? … or are they finally moving out? Was your company just acquired or maybe it just bit off more than it can chew? Has there been a recent reorganization? Do you want to make a change but don’t know where to begin?

Do you have the emotional energy to keep plugging away where you are? Do you have the support system to listen, coach and keep you energized?

At Unfinished Business, we help clients consider the who the what and the why. Learn more about our Individual and Organizational services. Or contact us now to discover – or rediscover – a career path that will take you places you really want to go.