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Mark Richardson is a big fan of his adopted city, Madison, Wisconsin. When you read what Madison area business and community leaders, colleagues and clients have to say you’ll find out that they are big fans of his. You’ll see their views on Mark’s high energy and how he seems to know almost everybody. You will come to find that his ability to collaborate with people in all sectors at all levels is unique. His gift for hearing what you mean, not just listening to what you say seems to set him apart. What comes through loud and clear is his ability to help individuals and organizations get results.

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Mark’s charisma and support through my career transition was immensely helpful. Mark’s process allowed me to get to know myself again (professionally) and created a safe space for me to be me. Always upbeat and hopeful, Mark was an advocate and I truly appreciated his insights and guidance.

Kate SullivanSales AssociateREALTOR®

Making the choice to leave a great job to pursue your dream career is fraught with self-doubt and second-guessing. Mark helped me step back and evaluate what I wanted and why, what fires me up and what keeps me going, and worked with me to sketch out a path to my future. He helped me see my skills and strengths outside the context of the specific jobs I’ve had, and painted a picture of how I could apply that expertise and passion in fields and areas I hadn’t thought I was qualified for. He pushed me to dissect what I thought I wanted in order to see the components for what they were, so we could reassemble an intentional vision of what I wanted to go after. He cheered me on and held me accountable. His guidance, feedback, and support were key in helping me find and land in my dream career. Thank you, Mark!

Elizabeth Katt ReindersSr. Campaign RepresentativeSierra Club

The minute I started working with Mark, I felt infinitely better about the choice I’d made to change my career path. Mark meets you where are, joins your team, and skillfully guides you down the sometimes-exhilarating, sometimes-terrifying path toward a new job and career that’s got the words “you” written all over it. He’s a master of the finer points – targeting opportunities, building a resume and trouble shooting the inevitable bumps along the way – and a mastermind of communications, negotiations and building and selling your personal brand. Mark’s outlook is always positive–even when the future doesn’t look so bright to you – and he helps you believe in yourself because he believes in you. With Mark on my team, I scored a home-run job.


Brennan Nardi

Thanks for the great work you did with me! I was really so grateful for, informed by, and impressed with how you reinforced some of what I’ve learned (or suspected) and gave me insights into new aspects of what makes me tick. Most importantly, you helped me to feel inspired about what’s next!

M. Van Eyk

Mark Richardson and his organization are one of a kind. After making several transitions throughout my career, I thought I had come across every kind of career consultant there is. Leave it to Mark and his team to break the mold.

Mark’s approach to a job search very unique, he really listens to what you are saying you need / want and he holds you accountable to that need in an engaging way. He also uses great intuitive tools to tease out what is really important and what is not. I learned a great deal about myself, which goes to show that you never really stop learning and growing. Mark really helped me to filter my search so that the only positions I would even consider were a true potential match to my professional goals. This took work, but it was worth it.

Today I am in a very challenging and rewarding position that is not only going to meet my needs today but also in the future. I have Mark to thank for helping me get there. I now consider him a dear friend, even if he is a Bears Fan.

Lisa J. Smith

I recently started a great new job with the assistance of Mark Richardson. What was most valuable to me in my work with him was the way he helped me to evaluate and prepare for each interview throughout the process. From the initial screening with Human Resources through the final daylong interview, Mark had helped me focus on my strengths and how to best position myself with each interviewee, which boosted my confidence and really made a difference.

H. Christopherson

Forget the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Talk to any savvy business professional in the Madison area and you’ll likely find they’re no more than Two Degrees from Mark Richardson. This is someone who knows how to connect the dots – bringing the right people to the right conversations, creating new and productive partnerships. Mark brings a unique perspective to the table. Marketing, sales, business development, staff management … he gets it all, and knows how to make the moving parts mesh. And when the gears start to grind, he’s got the creative mind and business sense to put the right solutions in place. Rest assured that where Richardson goes you’ll see smart business decisions made in a fun, supportive environment.

Janet DesChenesCommunications Officer University of Wisconsin

Mark Richardson is a breeze to work with. He always accommodated my schedule and was highly available by phone, text or e-mail whenever I had questions between our meetings.

I was considering a career change and had heard that Mark had a way of strategically thinking about issues related to career moves. That is just what I experienced working with him. Mark helped me talk through all my concerns and together we made a plan that has led me to a job where I couldn’t be happier!

Unfinished Business is a real asset for those who are new to the Madison area and looking to get their careers on track in Dane County. Mark has strong relationships with many decision-makers in a wide variety of sectors and industries, making him well poised to help newcomers get their feet on the ground.

L. DeRocheEducation Sector

Mark is great at helping people look at things differently. He encouraged me to think outside the box when pondering my future career path by testing my skills and preferences and showing me how those results could offer options I hadn’t considered. Although I usually do well during interviews, Mark arranged a position-specific mock job interview that gave me valuable insights on what to emphasize and how to avoid getting bogged down in too much detail.

D. Newton

Mark Richardson is an incredibly talented professional. He possesses a versatile background in business, not for profit, and government. His experiences have provided a remarkable well-rounded foundation. I worked with Mark during his broadband days at Charter Communications. He was a highly regarded marketing leader with high business/financial acumen.

I have since partnered with Mark on projects in his subsequent positions. As an HR executive, it is not often I see such an adaptable talent. His experiences have presented him with a unique skill set which serves him well to drive results through collaborative processes/exchanges. In my experience, this is one of his signature strengths. Additionally, he has a nicely balanced leadership style of strategy and expert tactician. He has proven his ability again and again to tackle complex issues with a results and action oriented mindset. He’s resourceful. He just knows how to get things done!

Stacey L. NeuVice President - Human ResourcesSpectrum Brands, Inc