Unfinished Business


You can have a dynamic and challenging career that evolves with you.

It takes a keen understanding of what you REALLY want to do with your talents and experience, a readiness to compete for the right opportunities and a professional network that supports your chosen path.

Designing a career path strategy that supports who you are, what you’re all about and why you are in transition is hard work.


So here is a question:

Who is working with you? An even better question: Who is working for you?

According to people in the know in Madison’s business community, you’d be smart to consider Mark Richardson, President of Unfinished Business.

Are You:

Why? Because Richardson’s ability to identify talent, align it with opportunity and build successful teams was honed through 25 years of Rw.E. (Real world Experience) in the private, public and non-profit sectors.

He understands professional transition from the individual’s perspective and talent acquisition from an organization’s perspective. In fact, it’s frequent requests for advice from both camps that inspired him to found Unfinished Business LLC to serve professionals throughout the Madison, Wisconsin region.

Learn more about the company or contact us to explore how Mark Richardson’s know-how, connections, and energy can help you.